THE LIFE OF THE ACADEMIC PROFESSIONAL IN AMERICA: An Inventory of Tasks, Tensions, and Achievements

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Tensions, and Achievements
"Veteran academics will recall their own experiences vis-à-vis Falk's lucid detail while aspiring doctoral students and new Assistant Professors will get clear insight as to what lies ahead. . . . The first chapter "How to Become a Professor" starts with defusing myths about Professor personalities, schedules and pay. . . . This section alone makes the book required reading for individual applying to graduate school or doctoral candidate currently enrolled. . . . Falk's training as a sociologist is apparent. generalizations are reported with clarity and exceptions to them explained with equal rigor. The book flows easily and at times quite humorously. It is an eye opening experience for the lay person. . . . must reading for anyone who is applying to graduate school, enrolled in graduate study or has recently obtained an appointment to assistant professor. Senior faculty and top level administrative personnel may find the volume useful to gain clarity and insight into their past experiences as well as the world of their junior colleagues." - J. David Lichtenthal, in Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing

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