THE COMPLETE POETRY OF CHARLOTTE PERKINS GILMAN, 1884-1935 Together with Commentary and Notes

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This volume brings together for the first time nearly five hundred poems by Charlotte Perkins (Stetson) Gilman, one of the most influential thinkers of her time. It represents the significant poetry this writer, lecturer, feminist, and pioneer sociologist chose to publish during her lifetime.


“As the poems unfold, one after the other, in a rich array of language, fearless intrepidity, and considerable poetic prowess, it is clear that Gilman’s feminist passion is directly connected to her poetry. Gilman’s belief in every human being’s having the right to some good work, her assuredness that gender differences are not cemented in rigid natural law, her assertions that feminine sensibilities need to meliorate the masculine propensity toward aggression…and her egalitarian ideas about the home and family all germinate from her verse… To have this valuable tool for our library shelves will open wide the door that has always been held but slightly agar in our understanding and appreciation of Gilman’s social and literary legacy…we can fling the door wide open to capture the full array of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s social, political, and economic ideas and her place in the feminist and literary canon.”
Professor Sylvia bailey Shurbutt,
Shepherd University

“The recovery and collection of nearly 500 poems that Gilman had written and published from 1880 to 1935 adds a whole new dimension to the body of knowledge about this remarkable writer and political thinker. Gilman’s collected poems will be of interest not only to scholars of her work, but to Americanists, feminists and not least of all, to those who chart the history of poetry,”
-Dr. Robin A. Morris, University of Maryland University College
Adjunct Professor

Table of Contents

Samples of the 500 Poetry Titles from the Book:
Foreword by Sylvia Bailey Shurbutt
Textual Notes / Preface / Acknowledgements / Introduction
Part I: 1884-1894 : The Emerging Poet
In Duty Bound, 1884
My View, 1884
One Girl of Many, 1884
The Sarcasm of Destiny, 1887
Ode to a Fool, 1890
Women of To-day, 1890
Feminine vanity, 1891
“We as Women”, 1891
Poor Human Nature, 1893
Unmentionable, 1894
Part II: 1895-1908 : The Poet in the World
The Keeper of the light, 1895
The San Francisco Hen, 1895
New Duty, 1895
The Lost game, 1895
An Economist, 1895
A Misfit, 1895
Women to Men, 1896
Women Do Not Want It, 1897
To American Men, 1897
Closed Doors, 1898
Where Women Meet, 1904
Human Living, 1904
The Fool-Killer, 1904
Kitchen Women, 1904
A Social Puzzle, 1908
Part III: 1909-1935: Forerunner and Beyond
Song for Equal Suffrage, 1909
Child Labor, 1909
An Unnatural Daughter, 1909
The Socialist and the Suffragist, 1910
Boys Will Be Boys, 1910
The Slow People, 1911
Idols, 1911
Knowing Too Much, 1911
More Females of the Species, 1911
We Stand As One, 1912
How Long, Oh Grandpa, 1912
A March of Women, 1913
Womanhood, 1914
The Gunman, 1915
The Power Called God, 1916
The People, 1916
To the Women of 1920, 1920
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