Sur Les Femmes En France Au Dix-Huitieme Siecle

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This work questions the position of women in France during the 18th century. The value of anonymous works published during the Enlightenment on the rights of women is noted by several known and appreciated authors in the introduction, and the role of philosophers of the period. For these reasons the author chooses to no longer concentrate on Descartes’s rationality, which claims that all that exists has its justification. Instead, the author’s hypothesis is verifiable, based on the relationships between assumptions and the facts guaranteed by empirical data.


“ ... The Enlightenment is a word that had a raison d’être; it was the time of Diderot and his Encyclopédie; of Voltaire’s immense work that appeared in 1883 in 52 volumes; of Rousseau’s essay contending that man is good by nature and corrupted by civilization; of the scientific study of comparative government … Yet the place of female gender had not improved … this introduction is presented with our compliments to Professor Colette Michael for the work performed with her conscientious pen.”
– Professor Hélène Sanko, John Carroll University

Table of Contents

1. Façon de voir d’une bonne vieille qui ne radote pas encore
2. Vivre libre, ou mourir quatrieme lettre bougrement patriotique de la mere Duchene
3. Vivre libre, ou mourir septieme lettre bougrement patriotique de la mere Duchene
4. Motions addressee l’assemblee nationale en faveur du sexe
5. Bulletin No. 5
6. Bulletin No. 10
7. Bulletin No. 17
8. Bulletin No. 18
9. Bulletin No. 19
10. Bulletin No. 26
11. Bulletin No. 27
12. Bulletin No. 28
13. Correspondances Fraternelles
14. Correspondances Fraternelles
15. Postface

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