Study Based on the Clerk's Report Book of the Swansea Local Board of Health 1855-1866

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Researches the town of Swansea in the early 19th century, together with an account of the events which led to the formation of a Local Board of Health (epidemics of typhoid and cholera), and considers the functions and duties of the Board, and a study of its structure.


"Scholarly interest in nineteenth-century public health has been increasing over the past twenty years, and therefore Mr. Colin James has done a great service to students of Swansea's history in preparing an edition of a significant volume from what is an important class of records. . . . The scavenging of the streets, the cleaning of the privies, the removal of nuisances, the provision of sewers and gaslights, and the slaughtering of cattle all feature in these pages, along with many other matters." - from the Foreword by J. R. Alban

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Foreword, List of Illustrations, Preface, Introduction
1. The Aspect of the Town of Swansea
2. Events Prior to the Formation of the Local Board of Health (LBH)
3. The Formation of the LBH
4. The Performance of the LBH
5. The Structure and Records of the LBH
6. Description of the Clerk's Report Book
7. Analysis of the Clerk's Report Book
Transcript of the Clerk's Report Book
Appendices: Number of Reports to Committees Within Each Year; Dates and Content of Reports; Acts of Parliament Mentioned in the Report Book
Bibliography and Index

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