Struggle to Reclaim the Liturgy in the Lutheran Church

Author: Waddell, James Alan
This study addresses the problem of polarization over defining theologies of worship in the Lutheran Church.


“James Waddell has written a formidable critique of liturgical theology as that has impacted views about worship in the Lutheran Church … he has weighed in on a contentious issue in an impressive way and this book is sure to provoke much debate.” – Frank C. Senn, Former President of The North American Academy of Liturgy

"This is a densely argued book which provides a distinctly Lutheran Liturgical Theology based on Lutheran Reformation principles and documents, over against a specifically Roman Catholic (Kavanagh) or Orthodox (Schmemann) or self-consciously Ecumenical (Lathrop) approach to Liturgical Theology. The author knows his sources, and the argument is advanced in minute detail, often with internal Lutheran debates forming a backdrop. This book is a major contribution to the wider debate on Liturgical Theology, and would be useful to scholars in this field, and to wider ecclesial debate." -Bryan D. Spinks, Professor of Liturgical Studies, Yale Institute of Sacred Music