Structure of Paul's Theology

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Arguing that certain passages from the seven undisputed Pauline epistles represent summary statements in which the apostle himself set forth the coherent center of his theology, this study reconstructs the content of this center as a network of fourteen core convictions, revolving around four ideas. The result is an apocalyptic interpretation of the Christ event. By showing that 'dying with Christ' and similar phrases are Pauline metaphors for Christ-like trust in God, this study is also able to fully integrate Paul's doctrine of 'righteousness through trust' with his doctrine of 'participation in Christ'.


"It boldly intervenes in recent indecisive discussion about the organizing principle of Pauline thought and proposes a 'coherent centre of Paul's theology'. It deals very largely with Romans, but also draws freely on the other generally accepted epistles, and manages to tidy up most Pauline problems en passant, e.g., the opponents at Corinth. It displays extensive knowledge of literature in this field, but avoids confusion by returning to the consistent simplicities that Cullmann offered so persuasively in the fifties." - The Expository Times

". . . thoroughly sketches the contours of the broad and complex landscape of the theology of the Apostle Paul. As such, this book makes a useful contribution to the understanding of that theology and should be a part of any seminary's library." - Religious Studies Review

"Dr. Davis has provided a fresh perspective which allows one to look again at the thought of the Apostle, however, that look can productively be commenced with a sense of unified theme and positive expectations. . . . The work reflects disciplined thought and Christian reflections. It provides fruitful and stimulating encouragement for further appreciation of the Apostle's coherent message." - Dr. Paul McAlister

". . . valuable scholarship in that it attempts for the first time to put in writing what heretofore others have been reluctant to do. It is sure to generate renewed interest in Pauline theology." -- Dr. Roy A. Harrisville III

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