Story of Joshua D. Breyfogle, Private, 4th Ohio Infantry (10th Ohio Cavalry) and the Civil War

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At the age of 54, Joshua Breyfogle, a tailor from a small town in Central Ohio, left his wife and six children and enlisted in the Union army, serving for four years as a soldier in infantry and cavalry units in both the Eastern and Western theaters of the conflict. These letters and account books are gems in terms of detailed and descriptive accounts of what was happening to him and to his sons all through the War, providing an excellent source for a social history of the United States in the 19th century, as well as shedding new light on the Civil War soldier as an individual.


“. . . the real strength of Breyfogle’s letters is this particular citizen-soldier’s literate and often sensitive insight into and observations about the daily life of the ordinary infantryman and cavalry man in two major theaters of the war. . . For example, his vivid accounts of soldiering at Camps Dennison and Cleveland are among the best that I have ever read.” – Robert D. Jaccaud

“In addition to letters written to his wife are the soldier’s extensive journal notations, always valuable to historians of the Civil War. The very extensive Index and Bibliography supplied by the author is in itself valuable.” – Theodore A. Webb

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