Sternberg Family of Fossil-Hunters

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There has been much erroneous information passed off as "fact" about almost all of the Sternberg fossil hunters, but certainly most in reference to the family patriarch, Charles Hazelius Sternberg. This volume attempts to set the record straight on published criticisms and mistakes. Among other facts, he has not been given due credit for the fact that it was he who developed the precursor for the modern method of fossil wrapping, which is erroneously credited either to Barnum Brown or Edward Drinker Cope. Sternberg also was the first American fossil hunter to write a 'biography', fleshing out for the reader the dead bones of his finds, bringing them to life with his written renderings, though many have followed after him, using the style he developed. This volume also provides information on his side businesses that have never been discussed in print, and delves into the lives of the three prominent sons who followed him into the fossil profession. All of the sons became quite prominent in both American and Canadian fossil hunting lore, and were connected with prestigious museums. Includes photographs.

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