Sociology of the American Indian

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Received Honorable Mention for the Midwest Sociological Societies 2018 Distinguished Book Award
The Sociology of the American Indian is a study of the survival of culture in the face of destruction, genocide, and pillaging. This book is designed to be a supplemental resource book rather than a textbook for courses in Native American Studies.


“A book that paints a picture of the lives, customs, meanings and stories of peoples who are largely invisible and whose voices are so often silenced is a powerful and empowering book, one that has the potential to be part of a process of bringing about change, of righting wrongs and promoting greater justice and equality. This is just such a book.”
-Dr. Neil Thompson,
Professor of Applied Social Studies,
Staffordshire and Liverpool Hope Universities

Gerry Cox punched huge holes in my “umbrella” of knowledge about First Nation Peoples. Before reading this book, I thought that I knew “something” about Native Americans and grief issues. The more I read, however, the more ashamed I felt. I, like many, have been prejudiced by too many Saturdays watching Indian-and-cowboy movies… Hollywood, in its prejudiced productions, has left a residue on my mind. Cox’s book is a tutorial that needs to be read and reread. Every grief educator needs a well-read, spine-cracked, underlined copy. Sociology of the American Indian is a count-on-able book to be cited and recommended.”
-Harold Smith

“As a nation we have two representations that become the stereotypes. First is that they are warring, violent people and that they are heavy drinkers. … Cox reminds us of these tragic events leading us through lament to reform. It comes slowly, but, one person at a time, one book at a time, this devoted sociologist tells it like it is and also guides us to what it should and can be.”
-Dr. Richard B. Gilbert,
Adjunct, Graduate School of Social and Behavioral Science,
Mercy College

Table of Contents

Foreword by Neil Thompson
Chapter One

Sociology of the American Indian
Chapter Two
American Indian Cultural Denigration
Revision of Native American History
Problems Facing American Indians Today
Chapter Three
Culture of the American Indian
Complexity of Native American Cultures
Renewal of American Indian Cultures
Chapter Four
The Sacred Way and Loss:
American Indian Spirituality
Chapter Five
American Indian Religion
Spiritual Practices
Chapter Six
Problems in Understanding People in Different Cultures
Traditional Values of American Indian Culture
American Indian Health Traditions
Culture and Community
Chapter Seven
American Indian Family
Study of the Family
Clan Life
Chapter Eight
Sociology of American Indian Education
Chapter Nine
Government of the American Indian
Chapter Ten
Native American Studies
Discovery of Native American Societies
Warfare between the US Government and Indian Nations
Respecting Indian Afterlife Rituals
Diversity and Cultural Assimilation
Tribal Realities and Mainstream Mythology
The Complexity of Native American Studies
Apache Tribal Cultures
Cultural History
Contributions of Native Americans
Spiritual and Native American Values
Religious Issues
The Future of Native American Studies
Native American Studies and US Society
Chapter Eleven
Sociology of American Indian Religion
Elements of Religion
The Role of Spirituality
Chapter Twelve
American Indian Values
Medical Care of the Dying
Tribal Healing
Old Testament of the American Indians
Chapter Thirteen
Plains Tribes Religions and the Construction of Inequality
Chapter Fourteen
Cremation and the First Nations
Chapter Fifteen
American Indian Beliefs and Traditions
Historical Development and Decline of Tradition
Impact of Christianity
Burial and Bereavement Practices
Chapter Sixteen
Sociology of Dying and Death
Why a Sociology of Dying and Death
The Dying Process, Living with Dying
Chapter Seventeen
First Nation’s Grief
Health Traditions
Culture and Health
First Nation’s Grief: The Healing Path
Path to Mutual Understanding
Chapter Eighteen
American Indian Care of the Dying and Grieving
Tribal Practices in Dying
Chapter Nineteen
Medical Care of the American Indians
Tribal Healing
Attitudes Toward Dying and Death
Chapter Twenty
Southwestern Tribal Burial Practices
Apache Burial Practices
Inde (Apache) Oral History
White Mountain Apache Oral History
Navajo Burial Practices
Hope Burial Practices
Anasazi Burial Practices
Chapter Twenty-One
Plains Tribes Burial Practices
Sioux Burial Practices
Lakota Oral History
Cheyenne Burial Practices
Chapter Twenty-Two
Burial Practices of Selected Tribes
California Indians Burial Practices
Flathead Oral History
‘Shawnee and the Potawatomi Burial Practices
Pokagan Oral History
Chippewa Oral History
Shoshone Oral History
The Stockbridge-Munsee Tribe
Stockbridge/Munsee Oral History
Mounds Builders Burial Practices

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