Social Work Practice with Low-Income, Urban, African-American Families

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The authors have woven together a very useful guide for social workers practicing in low-income urban settings. Case examples serve to concretize theories and the summary of treatment strategies effective with low-income urban African-American families is an excellent checklist of dos and don'ts.


"Based upon a good review of existing knowledge and research on social work practice with low-income urban African-American families, and embellished by their own research efforts... Social work educators and practitioners should find this book an excellent resource. . . " - Dr. Creigs Beverly

"In a succinct, practice-oriented format the authors offer practitioners an interesting set of practices and procedures for working with an important but often overlooked group. . . . The incorporation of the research and development approach in a strategic manner helps the authors produce results that are valid and relevant to the current human service scene in urban settings. . . . this book has applicability as a primary text or manual in continuing education programs as well as applicability as a 'manual of exemplars' that can be easily incorporated into advanced practice courses and into core courses in family therapy." - Dr. David Moxley

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