Social Scientists Explain the Tea Party Movement with a Selection of Primary Documents

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The book deals with the various facets of the Tea Party movement. The book shows the irony in the Tea Party claims that it is a nativist movement drawing on fundamental principles from the Constitution. In fact, most of the ideological base of the movement comes from the writings of Russian born Ayn Rand, Austrian economists Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich Hayek, and the French economic journalist Claude-Frederic Bastiat. None of these people had anything to do with the American Revolution.


“The complexity of the Tea Party gives rise to a great many different analytical approaches in this book. Provides a beginning point of reference for future academic studies of this very interesting development in American politics.”

-Prof. John Calhoun,
Palm Beach Atlantic University

(From the Foreword)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents Foreword by John Calhoun
Chapter 1 Truth Exalts America: Religious History, the Tea Party, and the Conflicted Meaning of the American Founding by Gideon Mailer

Chapter 2 Faith in the Founders: The Tea Party and Fundamental Constitutionalism by Kurt Hohenstein

Chapter 3 Not Exactly an American Cup of Tea: The Foreign Context of the Nativist Movement Known as the Tea Party by Roger Chapman

Chapter 4 Revisiting the Tea Party: Obesity and Food Consumption Laws in America by Alison Peck

Chapter 5 The Tea Party: A Civil Religious Movement by Flavio Hickel, Jr.

Chapter 6 Religious Practice, Social Issues, and the Tea Party by Heather A. Beasley

Chapter 7 The Tea Party and Narrow-Casting Media by Justin P. Coffey

Chapter 8 “The Tea Party Doesn’t See Color”: Locating the Individualist Basis of the Tea Party’s Racial Ideology by Nathanael P. Romero and Christopher B. Zeichmann

Chapter 9 Sarah Palin’s Nature: The Tea Party and Environmentalism by Roger Chapman

Chapter 10 The Tea Party and the Unions: Class Struggle in America at the Opening of the 21st Century by Dan La Botz

Appendix Select Documents

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