Social Intervention. Theory and Practice

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Presents both theory and examples of social intervention by 16 authors from various disciplines, including psychology, law, and sociology.


"Although the goal of this volume is to integrate theory and practice, its major strength lies in the contributors' detailed descriptions of the process of social intervention . . . . [T]he key virtue of [the introductory] chapter is the centrality it accords to the construct of second-order or system change . . . in understanding and creating settings. The remaining chapters are chock-full of interesting and informative case study descriptions and analyses. . . . As a casebook, this volume fills a notable void, and several chapters should be included in the reading lists of graduate courses in social intervention." - Contemporary Psychology

". . . well-written and well-organized, [this volume] represents a serious attempt to come to grips with social change. This is indeed an important book and one which requires time and reflection." - Community Psychologist

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