Sixteenth Century French Women Writers

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This study describes the ideas and works of women, mostly poets, who all had links to Marguerite d’Angoulême. Anne Malet de Graville was lady in waiting at the court of Claude de France, and made adaptations of two old texts. The Lyonnese school produced poets. Jeanne de Jussie, a Catholic nun, was driven out of Switzerland to a convent in Annecy, France, where she became abbess. She wrote a book wherein she described the horror of the persecution. Marie Dentière was a former abbess who abandoned her Catholic faith and wrote two books showing her as a strong defender of women. Camille de Morel belonged to an illustrious French family, and wrote poetry in Latin. This study provides biographies and studies of the surviving works of these women writers.


"Another in the growing body of works presenting women writers of the French Renaissance, this volume could have been subtitled, according to Åkerlund (Akerlund) , "Some Sixteenth Century Women Writers with Connections to Marguerite D'Angloulême." (D'Anglouleme.") The author justifies this as follows: "By her position as a royal person she was able to inspire and help those who needed her support." ... What is interesting is that in the chapter on the women from Lyon, the author does not limit herself to the best known. Instead, after discussing those, she goes on to treat a total of 18 other women. There is also an addendum to the last chapter concerning Hélisenne (Helisenne) de Crenne, Nicole Estienne, and Marie de Romieu. Most of the material was presented in conference papers. There are extensive bibliographies for each chapter and a general one at the end. Upper-division undergraduate and graduate collections." - CHOICE

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
1. Marguerite d’Angoulême
2. Anne Malet de Graville and her Literary Works
3. The Women of the Lyonnes School
4. Jean de Jussie and Marie Dentière: Two Abbesses Persecuted for their Religious Beliefs
5. Camille de Morel: A Renaissance Woman
Addenda: Hélisenne de Crenne, Nicole Estienne and Marie de Romieu
Conclusion; Bibliography; Index

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