Sir Hugh Walpole and the United States

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This study attempts to show when, where and how novelist, Hugh Walpole, author of forty-two books of fiction and two famous screenplays, came to typify the image of the genius “British lecturer” in the minds of many Americans. The number of British literary men and women lecturing in America between the two World Wars was, and continues to seem, remarkable. Among them, Hugh Walpole was considered one of the best, touring America five times for two decades, and leaving his own personal stamp.


“ ... Although the traditional English novel found noteworthy successors in writers such as Evelyn Waugh and Graham Greene, the movies gradually displaced it as society’s main source of entertainment. Walpole … lived through that transition, and Professor Steele’s book brings it back to life.” – Professor Wallace Martin, University of Toledo

Table of Contents

Foreword by Wallace Martin
1. Readiness is All
2. “An Appreciation”
3. 1919-1920
4. 1922-1923
5. 1926-1927
6. 1930
7. 1934: Sojourn in Hollywood I
8. 1935-1936: Sojourn in Hollywood II
9. 1936
Appendix A: Hugh Walpole’s Lecture Schedules
Appendix B: Additional Reading
“The Tiger,” by Hugh Walpole
“The Exile,” by Hugh Walpole
“An Englishman’s View of Modern America,” by Hugh Walpole
1. From Outside In
2. From Inside Out
“Nobody is Safe in Hollywood,” by Hugh Walpole

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