Selected Writings of the Laureate Dunces, Nahum Tate (Laureate 1692-1715), Laurence Eusden (1718-1730) and Colley Cibber (1730-1757

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Anthology of selections from the writings of these poets, together with an analysis of their significance to their times, broadens our understanding of a seminal period in British history and culture, offering their work as essential reading for the literary historian of the eighteenth century.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents: Introduction

Nahum Tate: On the Sacred Memory of Our Late Sovereign, with a Congratulation to his present Majesty; On a deform'd Old Bawd, designing to have her Picture drawn; Mausolaeum - A Funeral Poem On Our Late Gracious Sovereign Queen Mary, Of Blessed Memory; The Anniversary Ode for The Fourth of Dec 1697, His Majesty's Birth-Day; Ode to New Year's Day 1697-8, Set to Musick by Dr. Blow; Panacea – A Poem upon Tea; An Ode upon the Assembling of the New Parliament (1702); Britannia's Prayer for the Queen; The Song for the New Year 1708; The Song for Her Majesty's Birthday 1710-11; The Muse's memorial of the Right Honourable the Earl of Oxford; The Triumph of Peace; A Congratulatory Poem on Her Majesties Happy Recovery; A Poem on the Death of Our Late Most Gracious Sovereign, Queen Anne

Laurence Eusden: To a Lady, that wept at the hearing Cato read; A Letter To Mr. Addison, On The King's Accession To The Throne; A Poem on the Marriage of His Grace the Duke of Newcastle; To Her Royal Highness on the Birth of a Prince; An Ode for the New-Year; An Ode for the Birthday, 1721, as it was sung before the King; An Ode for the Birth-Day; The Origin of the Knights of the Bath; A Poem, Sacred to the Immortal Memory of the late King (George I)'; A Poem, on the Happy Succession and Coronation of His Present Majesty (George II)

Colley Cibber: A Poem on the Death of our Late Soveraign Lady, Queen Mary; The Epiloque to The Careless Husband; Venus and Adonis – A Masque; Ode for new-Year's Day; Ode humbly inscrib'd to the Poet Laurea; The Poet Laureat's Ode for New-Year's-Day burlesqu'd; On His Majesty's Birth-Day, Oct. 30; Ode for New-Year's-Day 1732; The Laureat's Answer to the Poets; The Blind Boy; The Epilogue to The Old Batchelor [from The Egotist, or Colley upon Cibber]' On Miss B—ks and Miss H--; Mr. Colley Cibber's Epitaph on Mr. Pope

Stephen Duck: Gratitude - A Pastoral; An Ode, presented to their Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales; On Poverty; On Royal Benevolence, Most humbly Inscribed to her Majesty, Queen Caroline; The Thresher's Labour

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