Selected Speeches on Adult Education by A. A. Liveright, 1958-1968

These twenty speeches made by A.A. Liveright, Director for the Center for the Study of Liberal Education for Adults, provide an argument for a liberal arts education for adults. The speeches show an evolution of ideas about adult/continuing education in the U.S. during the period 1958-1968, and provide specific insight into the CSLEA as a significant contributor to the development and promotion of adult\continuing education. Presently there are no publications, beyond a few brief articles and dissertations, which examine these issues.


"This volume of collected public addresses by one of America's world-class thinkers in adult education is an important repository of some of the most salient speeches ever delivered by Professor Liveright. The publication of this volume is a noble effort to preserve for posterity the forward-looking and seminal views of one of adult education's intellectual and praxeological giants. . . . This reference work is a must for professors and practitioners concerned about the continuing education of adults." - Professor D. Barry Lumsden, Editor of Educational Gerontology

"The authors have carefully crafted a manuscript that pulls together some of his best speeches into thematic groupings. . . . This book will make a welcome addition to the personal libraries of most adult educators, especially if they are seeking to better understand where the field has been and what are future needs. It should be recommended reading for most people studying the fields in graduate programs and will prompt some lively debates in terms of past mistakes and what we might learn from those mistakes." - Roger Hiemstra