Selected Poems by Judita Vaiciunaite in Lithuanian and English Fire Put Out by Fire

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“It is a delight to come across a body of work that intrigues and delights on first reading. . . . . Both translators are well-known for their careful yet imaginative approach to poetic translation. . . . That loving care is reflected in the handsome style of publication, attention to close editing and provision of scholarly apparatus. . . . This collection reveals Judita Vaiciunaite as an interesting and complex poet whose themes and concerns run in parallel with some better known poets. Hers is a distinctive voice, language well-honed, even quite difficult. She deserves to be publicised and celebrated, and the publication of this text will help address a need. All praise to the translators in tier five-year collaborations, and to The Edwin Mellen Press for this publication venture.” – Baltic Studies Australia III

". . . succeeded admirably in rendering the sometimes almost impossible-to-translate original texts. . . . reflects accurately the poet's subtle ambiguities, meanings implied in the spaces between words, direct lyricism, sensuality combined with what I might call meditative emotion. . . . Her Introduction is thoroughgoing indeed, touching upon all aspects in the work of this outstanding Lithuanian poet, elaborating on them and explicating their depths and subtleties with verve and clarity. . . . it is the best treatment of Vaiciunaite that I have read, in any case." - R. Silbajoris

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