Selected Cases on Juvenile Justice in the Twentieth Century

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This work is a collection of 78 appellate decisions in juvenile law that span the range of judicial opinion in this field during the 20th century. The work is not arranged in the typical law school casebook style by subject or topical heading, but rather by chronological date from 1905 to 1998. This arrangement gives the reader a sense of the flow of judicial opinion in juvenile justice from the court’s earliest decisions expounding the uniqueness of the juvenile court and its radical break with the criminal law and the punishing sanctions of 19th-century penology. In all, these cases reflect a century of caselaw that exhibits both contradiction and promise – a contradiction between the means-end role of juvenile law in the United States and a promise held out for a court seeking to come to grips with what many see as a rising tide of teen and sub-teen predatory criminality.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Table of Cases; Foreword; Editorial Note
Part One: 1900-1960: Child Saving Triumphant – The Emergence and Establishment of the American Juvenile Court as a Legal and Social Welfare Institution: Commonwealth v. Fisher 1905; Mill v. Brown 1907; Marlow v. Commonwealth 1911; Ex parte Janueszewski 1911; State ex rel. Cave v. Tincher 1914; In re Brodie 1917; Ex parte King 1919; State v. Burnett 1920; Ex parte Parnell 1921; State ex rel. Roberts v. Johnson 1923; State ex rel. Matacia v. Buckner 1923; Ex parte Daedler 1924; Bryant et al. v. Brown 1928; Wissenberg v. Bradley 1929; People v. Lewis 1932; In re Santillanes 1943; Ballard v. State 1946; State v. Myers 1946; Jones et al. v. Commonwealth 1946; Petition of Morin 1949; Wade v. Warden of State Prison 1950; In re Contreras 1952; State v. Monahan 1954; In re Holmes 1954; In re Mantell 1954; In re Ross 1954; State ex. rel. Knutson v. Jackson 1957
Part Two: 1960-1975: The Constitutional Paradigm Shift in Delinquency Adjudication: Gallegos v. Colorado 1962; Stapler v. State 1962; State v. Shaw 1963; In re Bigesby 1964; Application of Gault 1965; Kent v. United States 1966; In re Rich 1966; Creek v. Stone 1967; In re Gault 1967; In re Winship 1970; In re Gladys R. 1970; McKeiver v. Pennsylvania 1971; R. L. R. v. State 1971; Commonwealth v. Brasher 1971; In re Harvey 1972; United States v. Bland 1972; United States v. Fowler 1973; Cox v. Turley 1974; State in the Interest of Simon 1974; In re Johnson 1974; Nelson v. Heyne 1974
Part Three: 1975-1999: Ascendant Recriminalization of Delinquency and the Postmodern Juvenile Court: In the Matter of Cecilia R. 1975; Breed v. Jones 1975; Morales v. Turman 1977; State ex. rel. Harris v. Calendine 1977; Swisher v. Brady 1978; Fare v. Michael C. 1979; State v. Gleason 1979; State ex rel. R.C.F. v. Wilt 1979; Eddings v. Oklahoma 1982; People v. Thorpe 1982
In re J. F. C. 1982; Schall v. Martin 1984; Tarter v. Raybuck 1984; New Jersey v. T. L. O. 1985; Ex parte Whisenant 1985; In re D. S. F. 1987; Thompson v. Oklahoma 1988; Stanford v. Kentucky 1989; Naovarath v. State 1989; A. A. v. Rolle 1992; State ex rel. Juvenile Dept of Klamath Co. v. Reynolds 1993); In re B. L. T. 1993; Troutman v. State 1993; State v. Mohi 1995; People v. Juvenile Court 1995; Vernonia Sch. Dist. 47J v. Acton 1995; Bishop v. State 1995;Brooks v. State 1996; Harris v. Wright 1996; State v. Stinnett 1998
Part Four: Appendices: Appendix A: An Act to Regulate the Treatment and Control of Dependent, Neglected and Delinquent Children, Ill. Laws, 1899; Appendix B: Findings and Purposes from the Violent and Repeat Juvenile Offender Act of 1997, S. Rep. No. 108, 105th Cong., Ist Sess.
Glossary, Subject Index

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