Second Century of New Music: search Yearbook Volume 1

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This volume addresses discourses of critical theory; contemporary musicology and ethnomusicology that have been profoundly important to music scholarship, significantly important in this study is contemporary music by living composers. A valuable resource for scholars of contemporary music, theorist and musicologists and institutions with music programs.


“…the same contributors edified me not only about their own work as composers and theorists but about my own discipline as well. The two dozen contributors offer a wealth of illuminating perspectives on the condition of music and culture at the present time. “-Prof. Ira Braus, The Hartt School

“This volume situates composers within broad historical and cultural flows without diminishing their active role in shaping these flows, and at no times descends into the sycophantism of so many contemporary biographical portraits of composers.”-Prof. Christopher Adler, University of San Diego

Table of Contents

Search Yearbook Volume 1 and the Search Project -Thomas Schäfer

Foreword -Ira Braus

Introduction The Editors

Part I. Modernism Reconsidered
Schoenberg's Ambivalent Thought: Subjectivity in "Du lehnest widereineSilberweide..." -Benjamin Carson
The Spiritual Construction of Tuning in American Experimental Music -Colin Holter
Jean Paul After Modernism -Larson Powell

Part II. After Modernism
The Dissolution of the Avant-Garde -Martin Iddon
From Classical Modernity to the Second Modernity: Provisional Considerations -Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf

Part III. Contemporary Composers: Works, Analyses, and Positions
Unremitting Ambiguity: A Partial Reading of Steven Kazuo Takasugi's The Flypaper -Trevor Baca
Toward a Projective Art -Franklin Cox
The Other Tiger -Chaya Czernowin
Traces C for Solo Flute -James Erber
A Guide for the Dead through the Underworld-David Brynjar Franzson
Composition and Consciousness: The Precarious Negotiation between the Aesthetic and the Worldly -Wieland Hoban
Art and Democracy -Helmut Lachenmann
Listening Through the Fractal: the Anatomy of Density in Three Recent Pieces -Timothy McCormack
An Interview with Brian Ferneyhough Felipe Ribeiro, James Correa, and Catarina Domenici
External Models and Modes of Mediation in the Works of Six Composers: A Descriptive Framework -Alexander Sigman
Fragments of a Compositional Methodology -Ming Tsao
Composing with Prynne -Erik Ulman

Part IV. Reviews
The Creature's Sign and Musical Note: Jacob Ullmann's View of Western Music -Albert Breier
The Birth of Music from the Greek Alphabet: -Larson Powell
Review of Friedrich Kittler,
Musik und Mathematik
Darmstadt 2008: The Negation of Gesture...or the Gesture of Negation? -Alexander Sigman

Part V. In Memoriam: James Avery
Tributes to James Avery (1937-2009)

Biographies of Authors

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