Sebastian Franck 280 Paradoxes or Wondrous Sayings

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Part of the mystical and theological writings of Franck during the Reformation.


"For many years there has been a special need for an English translation of the Paradoxa of Sebastian Franck, and the need has now been remedied by this publication. Furcha's translation is accurate and readable and will be an important aid for students of the Reformation era . . . ." _ The Mennonite Quarterly Review

". . . can be highly recommended." - Studies in Religion - Sciences Religieuses

". . . scholars and teachers of the Reformation, particularly of its so-called left wing, will be grateful to E. J. Furcha for translating this text." - Patrick Hayden-Roy, in The Sixteenth Century Journal

"This work is a gold mine for radical Reformation scholars. Furcha deserves our thanks for an impressive accomplishment." - Douglas H. Shantz in The Sixteenth Century Journal

"For scholars this edition makes easily available a work which few non-specialists would normally care to take on, given its length, repetitiveness, and forbidding Frühneuhochdeutsch prose." - The Catholic Historical Review

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