Saint Bernard of Clairvaux a Theory of Art Formed From His Writings

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One of the first studies to address positively the controversial subject of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux and the influence he exercised on the arts of his time. Until now Bernard's aestheticism in conjunction with his monastic commitment has been neither precisely defined nor successfully understood. The principal sources for this study - a formulation of a Bernardine theory of art - are the works of Saint Bernard: his letters, treatises and sermons.


". . . Any one of the principles [in which Hufgard anchors Bernard's theory of art] is sure to stimulate lively debate. Indeed, there may be the making of a revolution here. . . . succeeds in uttering what may be the definitive voice in the debate on Bernard's place in the history of art, . . . has made explicit a philosophy and theory of art that may well reshape contemporary thought and criticism. . . . Hufgard's SAINT BERNARD OF CLAIRVAUX may be a sleeping giant." - Donald Bernard Cozzens

"[P]lates from the two manuscripts provide valuable illustrations of the book's argument." - Marsha L. Dutton

"One striking feature of this work [is] the felicity of expression and depth of meaning with which Hufgard has summarized each chapter. . . . effectively clears up much of the misunderstanding of his Apologia by those who considered its pronouncements hostile to art." - Miriam Lynch

". . . a work which will have a long and pervasive influence on religious and art historical studies . . ." - James R. Johnson

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