Religious Minorities in Canada

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"The relationship between religion and assimilation of Japanese Canadians is examined within the context of the pre- and post- World War II period. This section of the book is rich in detail and provides insights into a part of Canadian history that requires further documentation. . . . Mullins's book is extremely rich in historical analyses. . . . The study does provide, however, a benchmark along which future studies can be developed to empirically test some of the conclusions reached in Mullins's study." - The Canadian Journal of Sociology

"A systematic discussion of religious pluralism in contemporary Canadian society, focusing on the Japanese community and the organizational development of the churches." - Missiology

". .. this book is an important illustration of current theories of religions and assimilation. . . . Mullins' study makes a valuable contribution to our understanding of religious pluralism in the West and suggests that the field is ripe for further research." - Marilyn F. Nefsky

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