Regional Study of Yorkshire Schools 1500-1820

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This study offers a regional study of education, comparing educational movements in Yorkshire with what happened in other parts of England. It promotes a comparative approach, examining main themes such as the effects of the Reformation, the growth of the grammar schools, the attempts of both church and State to regulate schools and schoolmasters, the dissemination of elementary schooling and the development of private schools for both boys and girls. The sense of collective action in the Yorkshire area is strong, continuous, and remarkable, throwing light on the history of the county in general. The development of the theme of community action is an important contribution to historical scholarship.


“The strength of this detailed study lies in perceptive conclusions based on meticulous investigation into the histories of individual schools and on careful examination of the records of church courts and the work of other scholars into Yorkshire history. . . . Historians not only of Yorkshire and not only of education will be grateful for the appearance of such a detailed and scholarly study so clearly presented. It not only points to the need for further regional investigations of educational history and of social history generally but also sets a standard to which such future studies should aspire.” – Paedagogica Historica – International Journal of the History of Education

“Throughout this volume there is a close attention to detail and a desire to bring the topic to life by well-chosen studies of masters and their schools. . . . John Roach has written a scholarly, interesting and fluent account which should stand as an authoritative statement for many years to come and be a firm rock upon which others can build.” – Yorkshire Archaeological Journal

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