Reflections on the Aesthetics of Futurism, Dadaism, and Surrealism a Prosody Beyond Words

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Analyzes the aesthetic thrust of the three most important avant-garde movements in the twentieth century, defining both similarities and differences in their poetics. In compelling essays like "A Will to Art," "Modern Drama and Nonverbal Poetics," "Le Chapelet du hasard: Ideas of Order in Dada-Surrealist Imagery," "Three Modes of Semantic Accrual," and "The Aesthetics of Ambiguity," Sellin explores the inner workings of the creative impulses and the resulting poetic structures which inhere in the creative works of these early avant-garde movements.


". . . his study evolves from a careful consideration of theoretical and historical questions to subtle exercises in practical criticism. The latter . . . shed genuinely new light on well-known texts by figures as diverse and distinguished as Hans Arp, Albert Camus, Aimé Césaire, and Guillaume Apollinaire. Perfectly balanced and integrated, the theoretical and practical components of Eric Sellin's new book make it indispensable reading for all students of avant-garde literature and aesthetics." -- Robert W. Greene

". . . a well-informed and well-written disquisition on the differing concepts of the three movements, which he knows, quotes intelligently, and cares about." - Mary Ann Caws

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