Reference Manual for Human Performance Measurement in the Field of Physical Education and Sports Sciences

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This reference manual provides an authoritative text on a wide range of human performance tests. It brings together into a manageable volume the methods, results and references from the world literature. It is a working manual, designed for students and staff to use as a source reference when testing for human performance. Other texts provide a brief description of the specific tests and the journals supply information on the results from those tests. This manual combines the two and thus provides the reader with a ready source reference to enable action. Wherever possible, values from the tests are presented in the form of graphs. This means that the reader can plot local results against previously published work and thus make rapid comparisons. The scope of the manual is also impressive with 30 individual texts described and evaluated. Scholars in physical education, sports sciences and related areas of study will welcome a reference manual which provides the basis for their own investigations in addition to setting out the expected norms for each text. As with all Mellen books, this manual is also available at a special text price.

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