Recent Perspectives on European Romanticism

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Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Preface (Gerhart Hoffmeister)
Introduction (Larry H. Peer)
Romanticism and Emotion
· A Reading of the Emotions of Salome (Diane Long Hoeveler)
· The Happy Few: Notes on Romanticism and the Aristocracy of Consciousness (Eugene Stelzig)
· Socialized and Medicalized Hysteria in Joanna Baille's Witchcraft (Marjean D. Purinton)
· Emerson on Patience (Didier Maleuvre)
Romanticism and Individualism
· Wordsworth's The Prelude and Self-Defining Memories (Beth Lau)
· Mrs. Baillie's Testicles: Byron's Revision of De Monfort in Manfred (Ann R. Hawkins)
· Romanticism and the Cultural (Dis)Enfranchisement of the Individual in Wide Sargasso Sea (Safoi Babana El-Alaoui)
· Adjectives of Mystery and Splendor: Byron and Romantic Religiosity (Terryl L. Givens
Romantic Continuities
· Bada Shanren: Traditional Iconoclast and Riddler of the Past (Eugene Eoyang)
· Read, Written, and Re-lived: Magda von Hattingberg's Readings of Rilke as Romantic Discourse (Lotte Thrane)
· Thomas Mann's Dante and Weimar Humanism (Ray Fleming)

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