Queen Isabella Sforza Szapolyai of Transylvania and Sultan Suleyman of the Ottoman Empire: A Case of Sixteenth-Century Muslim-Christian Collaboration

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The book will provide more understanding about the historical relationship between Christians and Muslims in the 16th Century. In addition to Hungarian and Latin texts, many of the documents used are translated from 16th Century Ottoman Turkish. Modern Turkish texts also contribute a significant amount of reference material for this work. This book contains twelve color photographs and seven black and white photographs.


“Long held preconceived notions about the Ottoman Empire and about the so- called “Turkish Threat” to Christendom during the 16th century are put in perspective by Dr. Forsey. The Christians needed a threat from “the other” to control and consolidate their power. The Ottomans were the closest and most likely to place in this role. . . . This is a history that will change and enrich the way we think of boundaries, both geographical and cultural.” –Dr. Mustafa Hakki Ertan, Prime Minister’s Directorate of Ottoman Archives, Istanbul, Turkey

“. . . very important in the present cultural and political situation in the Western world and constitutes a document of the past which is largely unknown to the American readers.” – Prof. Marian Hillar, Texas Southern University

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
Author’s Preface
The Three Rings
Sic Fata Volant
Kadinlar Sultanan
The Shadow of Allah
Isabella in Poland
Land Beyond the Forest

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