Quaker Family Through Six Generations- the Passmores in America

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Based on extensive research in both original documents and secondary sources, this history begins with the origins of the family in late Medieval, Tudor, and Georgian England, then follows the lives of the American immigrant Passmores for the next five generations. Covers the Passmores who followed the frontier seeking homesteads as well as those who remained close to the original settlement in southeastern Pennsylvania and northern Maryland and Delaware. Of particular interest are the ways in which individuals related to their Quaker backgrounds, some standing within it, some rejecting or adapting it to the changing cultural context in America.


"He has also contributed to our understanding of American migrations in the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries, while raising significant questions about the persistence of cultural identity. . . . For Quaker historians and U.S. historians in general, Smith's concluding chapter, "The Passmores in American Experience," will be significant. . . . carefully researched and documented, as to both primary and secondary sources. A thorough bibliography and an index of names are particularly useful." - Damon D. Hickey, co-editor of The Southern Friend: Journal of the North Carolina Friends Historical Society

"This is a well documented family history and gives the reader a sense of who these people are beyond the dates of their existence." OGS Report

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