Propaganda in the English Reformation Heroic and Villainous Images of King John

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A study of the changing image of King John and of related propaganda concerning King John, the effect of religion on historical interpretation, and the manipulation of history for political advantage.


"By discovering references to King John in books, pamphlets, broadsides, even letters, Professor Levin has materially widened the scope of the discussion." - Albion

". . . meticulously researched . . . painstakingly trace[s] how early Protestants created John's heroic image, how subsequent Protestants used it to illustrate lessons against rebellion, how Catholics altered it to show rebellion is justified, and how it vanished after it outlived its purposes. Any chapter easily demonstrates the almost-flawless quality of Levin's scholarship. . . . a treasure to scholars who want to explore the questions she answers so well." - The Sixteenth Century Journal

". . . a careful study of the vicissitudes in the treatment of King John: under Henry VIII a Protestant hero for his resistance to the Pope; for Elizabethan Protestants a lesson against rebellion; finally, for the Parliamentarians the villain who provoked the Magna Carta." - Raymond B. Waddington in Studies in English Literature

"Carole Levin developed her story from a vast array of printed sources for the medieval and 16th-century John. . . . she has been conscientious and energetic throughout, particularly in the use of the secondary literature . . . " - American Historical Re

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