Professional’s Guide to Understanding Gay and Lesbian Domestic Violence. Understanding Practice Interventions

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Work far exceeds any published work in breadth and depth on issues related to both gay and lesbian domestic violence. It includes preliminary results of two groundbreaking research projects; includes detailed information on assessment procedures and evaluation instruments, treatment modalities for gay and lesbian victims and batterers, and impact and intervention techniques for children of same-sex couples witnessing domestic violence.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Foreword (Joan C. McClennen)
Preface (Claire M. Renzetti)
PART I: Background for Understanding Practice Interventions
1. Prevailing Theories Regarding Same-Gender Partner Abuse: Proposing the Feminist Social-Psychological Model (Joan C. McClennen)
2. Hate Crimes, Domestic Violence, and the Lesbian and Gay Community (Carol T. Tully)
3. Sociocultural and Institutional Violence and Their Impact on Same-Gender Partner Abuse (John Gunther)
4. Sexual Assault in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Communities (Arlene Istar Lev and S. Sundance Lev)
5. Contributing Issues to Violence Among Gay Male Couples (Don Smith and Ron Mancoske)
6. Partner Abuse Between Lesbian Couples: Toward a Better Understanding (Joan C. McClennen)
PART II: Assessment and Clinical Practice Interventions
7. Identification and Treatment Modalities for Victims of Same-Gender Partner Abuse (Josephine S. Sullivan and Lauren R. Laughlin)
8. Couples Therapy for Gay and Lesbian Couples with a History of Domestic Violence (Lisa J. Fox)
9. Addressing Spirituality Needs in Same-Gender Partner Abuse: A Postmodern Approach (Albert M. Dooley and Stephen C. Anderson)
PART III: Practice Interventions with Special Populations
10. Children Witnessing Abuse Between Their Same-Gender Caregivers: Impact and Intervention (Robin S. Nickel)
11. Violence Toward Sexual Minority Youth (Stephen C. Anderson, Tina L. Stiefmiller, and Donald R. Baker)
12. African-American Lesbians Experiencing Partner Abuse (Lola Butler)
13. Lesbian and Gay Male Elder Abuse (Loree Cook-Daniels)
PART IV: Practice Interventions: Community Organizing and Advocacy
14. Community Organizing on Behalf of Victims of Same-Gender Domestic Violence (Mary Ann Jennings and John Gunther)
15. Developing a Successful Community Outreach Program: A Look at Criminal Justice and the Lesbian and Gay Community (Ellen A. Meyers)
16. Advocating on Behalf of Same-Gender Couples Experiencing Partner Abuse (Daphne L. McClellan)
17. The Evolution of Social Policy in Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual domestic violence (Rebecca smith and Orren Dale)
PART V: Future Research in Practice Intervention
18. Applications of Family Measurement Scales to Gay or Lesbian Families (James G. Daley)
19. Methodological issues in Researching Same-Gender Domestic Violence (Brenda A. riemer and Jeanne L. Thomas)
20. Future directions for practice Interventions Regarding Same-Gender Partner Abuse (Joan C. McClennen)

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