Prisoners Paroled to the Violent Streets Describe Their Lives to Us: Understanding Where Social Rehabilitation Must Begin

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This book argues for the importance of communication when facing problems associated with probation and parole. Based on the use of story-telling and listening as a way to influence behavior, the authors include fourteen fictionalized, reality-based narratives, which portray the reality of life within a large city’s violent urban core.


“Both authors have the educational and professional background/training to impart valuable information along with intuitive awareness that together give us insight into a world that we rarely understand or visit except in a textbook, classroom, or behind our fortified desks. While most of us would not agree with many of the client’s statements about themselves, society, law enforcement, or the many professionals who struggle to improve the lives of parolees/clients; the client’s statements and belief systems do affect their choices of lifestyle, level of deviance, and sadly, in some cases how they die in the violent urban core.” – Gina Granger, Probation and Parole Supervisor for the State of Missouri

“. . . provide[s] unique insights into the complexities of the parolee/probation system and through these stories offer opportunities for not only enhanced communication, but for a revision of existing practices and policies.” – Prof. Jane Wood, Park University

“This book will change your perspective on offenders and their criminal behavior.” – Danielle Alberta Cheers, Probation and Parole Officer

Table of Contents

Foreword by Gina Granger, Probation and Parole Supervisor for the State of Missouri
1. Telling Stories
3. Communication Paradigm
4. Writing the Narratives
5. Communication Barriers for Probation and Parole
6. Moses on His Own: A Child of Violence
7. Sylvia: From Juarez to Kansas City
8. Paul: An Expired Shelf Life
9. Jamal: A Rain Garden
10. Tony: The Old Con
11. Jon: Messages from Intolerance
12. Rick: A Parent’s Cry for Help
13. Rhonda: Communication and a Female Sex Offender
14. Margaret: A Misunderstanding
15. Kenny: The Saga of a Rapper
16. Daniel: Missing
17. Jason: 'Til Death Do We Part
18. Pete: Sins of the Father
19. Carlos: From Cuba to Prison

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