Press and Politics in Africa

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This book deals with the relations between public communications and politics in the context of the nation-state system in Africa. It adopts an approach that interweaves theory and practice and, in this sense, stands apart from previous, mostly descriptive studies. It begins with an overview that presents a general theoretical model of communication and influence processes in politics. Other chapters focus on the practical issues. The final chapter, noting that many of the state –press interaction problems are partly matters of politics and partly matters of interpretation, integrates the descriptions, suggestions, and prescriptions of the earlier chapters in an interpretive analysis that also serves as a guide for future research and policymaking.


“. . . a must-read for all students, researchers, policy-makers, as well as media operatives and educators because it sets the stage for further research in the area. The book is also instructive in that it legitimatizes the notions that we can no longer separate press activities from outcome of government policies, and that any true understanding of politics in Africa requires an understanding of the press.” – Andy Odasuo Alali

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Part One: General Overviews
1. Press, Politics, and State in Africa: Theoretical Framework and Overview (R. Nwafo Nwanko)
2. The African Press: Prospects for Freedom in the New Millennium (Ritchard Tamba M’Bayo)
3. Politics and Communication Training in Africa (Chuka Onwumechili)
4. Media, Civil Society and Politics in Africa (Charles Okigbo)
5. The Pan African News Agency: conduit to African Press and Political system (Cosmas Uche Nwokeafor)
Part Two: The Press in Selected African Countries
6. Political Authority and the Transformation of the Sierra Leone Press (Ritchard Tamba M’Bayo and Matt Mogekwu)
7. Media Ownership and Control in Cameroon in the Information Age: A Colonial Legacy (Peter S. Tahsoh)
8. Government-Press Relations in Multiparty Cameroon: Competing Interpretations of a Controversial Law (Francis B. Nyamnjoh)
9. Predicting Nigerian Mass Media in a Democratic Era: An Escape from Pandora’s Box (Chuka Onwumechili and Cosmas Uche Nwokeafor)
10. Press and Politics in Zambia (Francis P. Kasoma)
11. The Media and Politics in Ghana (Clement E. Asante and Audrey Gadzekpo)
12. Press and Politics: The Tanzanian Experience (Nicholls K. Boas)
13. Press and Politics in Zimbabwe (Stanford G. Mukasa)
14. Political Economy of the South African Press: Apartheid and Beyond (Keyan tomaselli)
Part Three: Epilogue
15. Epilogue: Press and the Political Process in Africa (R. Nwafo Nwanko)

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