Preserving a Good Political Order and a Democratic Republic. Reflections From Philosophy, Great Thinkers, Popes, and America's Founding Era

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Examines what the role of the state or political order should be, how the state should treat its citizens, building its analysis substantially around the reflections of great political thinkers, including papal thought, the reasoning and conclusions of realist philosophical texts, and more contemporary commentators. Analyzes not only what elements are needed to build good, stable political orders generally and democratic republics specifically, but what factors have historically caused their decline and fall.


"Stephen M. Krason is to be congratulated on his magnificent accomplishment, an accomplishment addressing the central intellectual and moral issue of the day. Preserving a Good Political Order and a Democratic Republic belongs on the shelves of all college and public libraries as well as in the private collections of scholars." - Joseph A. Varacalli, in a to-be-published review in Catholic Social Science Review

"The author demonstrates throughout a well-organized mind, the gift of clarity, and thoroughness. His intent is to set forth the best expressions of his chosen themes as he himself has discovered them in the course of his teaching and scholarship. The result is eminently readable and well presented. The Index is extremely helpful as a guide to the whole." - John Gueguen

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:


1. What a sound Philosophical Analysis Indicates Are the Principles of a Good Political Order

2. Reflections of Selected Great Political Thinkers. . . : Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, St. Augustine of Hippo. St. Thomas Aquinas, Hooker, Montesquieu, Burke, Tocqueville)

3. Papal Thought on a Good Political Order and a Democratic Republic

4. Essential Elements and Conditions for a Democratic Republic: The View of America's Founding Fathers and Their Time and the Philosophers of Republican Government

5. Essential Elements and Conditions . . . : Other Great Political Thinkers (Aristotle, Cicero, Milton, Harrington, Blackstone, Burke)

6. How Political Orders Decline and Fall: A Summary of the Perspectives of Important Thinkers and Social Commentators (Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, St. Augustine of Hippo, St. Thomas Aquinas, Vico, Gibbon, Brownson, Brooks Adams, Spengler, Belloc, Toynbee, Dawson, Muggeridge, Joad, Parkinson, Quigley, Kirk)

Conclusion, Bibliography, Index

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