Poetic Style of Corneille's Tragedies an Aesthetic Interpretation

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Analyzes the poetic style of Corneille's Médée, Le Cid, Horace, Cinna, Polyeucte, Pompée, Théodore, and Rodogune, with a final chapter devoted to the later tragedies. Situates the Corneille's stylistic mode of expression within the historical framework and social milieu in which these works were composed.


". . . a useful contribution to our understanding of Corneille's poetics. . . . Recommended for university and college libraries." _ Choice

"Students of Corneille will appreciate Professor Harwood-Gordon's lucid analysis of the social and political contest of the plays and of the influence of this on poetic style. . . . The delineation of character and the analysis of the way that language is manipulated to shift the audience's sympathy from one character to another (as in Cinna) is one of the most interesting aspects of this study." _ New Zealand Journal of French Studies

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