Poesia Y Guerra Interna En El Peru (1980-1992): A Study of Poets and Civil War in Peru (1980-1992)

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Paolo de Lima’s study offers an innovative and profound reading of six poets that earlier critics had not examined closely. He highlights the axiological and verbal differences between the generation of the 1980s and the previous one, notably through the impact that political violence had on the ways that the younger writers developed their subjectivity and its corresponding poetic expression.

A remarkable study that will serve a graduate seminar in Latin American poetry and/or Peruvian poetry. The mastery of the subject area and the impeccable balance between theoretical explanations and close readings of poems are features of this book that make it stand out.


“This book reflects on how literary production inserts itself in and challenges the general framework of globalization, postmodernity and the prevalence of the neoliberal economic model in most of the world, and does it with great success. It will incite debate and a new venue of understanding of what is going on within Latin American literature at the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st.”
-José Antonio Mazzotti,
Tufts University

“More than simply describing violence, these authors transpose it into the internal shaping of their own writing…Paolo de Lima innovates in his study of ‘learned’ Peruvian poetry by paying close attention to individual poets who are normally studied only as part of a larger group. His stylistic analysis is refined and original; his handling of critical terminology is highly professional and exact; his conclusions on the relationship between political events and the creation of a new subjectivity reveal social, artistic and identity phenomena that constitute part of the transformation of Peruvian society through the coexistence of the neoliberal economic model with the radical and violent manifestations of a subversive political opposition.”
-Prof. Gastón Lillo,
University of Ottawa, Canada

“An invaluable study…The Socio-critical approach that Paolo de Lima undertakes in his analysis is rigorous and well documented. This study is an original approach to the works of six poets from the 80’s who suffered directly the impact of political violence during those years.”
-Prof. Rocío Ferreira
, DePaul University

“The author masterfully contextualizes the political climate that affects the production of the two groups of poets in focus: the Tres Tristes Tigres and the Kloaka ones. Moreover, there is a solid theoretical background that meshes together aspects related to modernity/postmodernity, globalization, matters pertaining to the city/countryside dichotomy and the poetics of such representations…while it flows seamlessly, it demonstrates a careful organization and a clear methodology in bringing together both similarities and contrasts amongst the groups and the poets themselves.”
Prof. Nancy Bird-Soto,
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Table of Contents


1. Seis poetas en la guerra interna
2. Breve historia sobre la violencia política
3. Marco conceptual y metodológico
4. Organización del libro
Primera parte. Tres Tristes Tigres

Tres Tristes Tigres
Capítulo 1. Raúl Mendizábal
Capítulo 2. José Antonio Mazzotti
Capítulo 3. Eduardo Chirinos
Segunda parte. Kloaka

Capítulo 1. Domingo de Ramos
Capítulo 2. Róger Santiváñez
Capítulo 3. Dalmacia Ruiz-Rosas
Apéndice I. Datos bio-bibliográficos de los autores y poemas analizados Apéndice II. Tres manifiestos de Kloaka

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