Philosophical Foundation of Miki Kiyoshi's Concept of Humanism

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This monograph traces an historical, Western influence on Miki's formation of humanism, and then moves to clarify his idea of life as formative. It analyzes his concept of self-awareness as a way of overcoming the standpoint of ego-consciousness. Miki was a student of Nishida Kitaro, and a student of Martin Heidegger in his youth. Other Western philosophers most influential on Miki were Aristotle, Pascal, Marx, and Nietzsche.


"The chief virtue of Nagatomo's presentation is his ability to succinctly outline the multiple parts of Miki's humanism -- its aesthetics, epistemology, ontology, and existential, religious, and social aspects, as well as tying Miki's work up with other strains of humanism and philosophical thought in the West." -- Thomas Downey

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