Philo-Semitic and Anti-Jewish Attitudes in Post-Holocaust Poland

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This study examines the roots and the mechanism of the political role of anti-Zionism and philo-Semitism in past and present Polish life, analyzes the history of JewishPolish coexistence, and discusses the Jewish contribution to Polish letters, arts and economy. It examines the Polish struggle for independence and advances original conclusions on the metamorphosis of the Judeophobia of our times in the West, East, and Third World. Uses syntheses based on new material, as well as a thoughtful reworking of older documents, examining the interdependence of past and new literary and scientific sources.


"Professor Mushkat's book is fascinating from many points of view. It is not only a solid, scholarly presentation; many of the chapters are original because of new syntheses or innovative because of the author's use of new materials. . . . The book is encyclopedic in terms of both its sources and its treatment. It will have an assured place in the literature of this important subject. It will be of interest both to specialists and to the broader reading public." - Professor Thomas E. Bird

"It is without a doubt a very important and original work, a piece of first-class scholarship, and a major contribution to the history of the eastern bloc in post World War II. Its relevance cannot be over-estimated in light of the recent collapse of the Communist regime and contemporary developments in that country." - Nahum Sarna

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