Petroglyphs at Wedding Rocks and Other Poems

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Poems explore the author's ongoing relationship with the American Northwest, western Canada and its northernmost regions, particularly in their dimensions as wilderness and Western landscape. The poems move through various crises in contemporary thinking in the context of human involvement with the environment, returning time and again to the vast stretches of open territory and their various inhabitants, particularly the wolves.


"These poems are wolf-haunted both by actual wolves and, more importantly perhaps, by what wolves represent, the last embodiment of the tragically depleted non-human world. In poem after poem George Moore takes us to the edge of this world in tones that are appropriately somber and elegiac. . . . a quiet and subtle language that steadily engages with and sifts the evidence with the sensitivity and integrity that only the true poet is able to bring to our lives." - from the Introduction by Vern Rutsala

"This is a romantic poetry celebrating the land all of those natural forces which hover and grapple within its lustrous aura, and yet we might also call this a decidedly postromantic poetry because, while the light that lives upon the land is celebrated, the failing of the light is always in the eye of the beholder. A poisonous morbidity is always just out of camera range, announcing itself to our attentive senses. . . . he wants to display portraits of our world as we close it forever." Mandrake Poetry Review

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