Perspectives on John. Method and Interpretation in the Fourth Gospel

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These essays represent a broad theological spectrum, and employ diverse methodologies. Articles deal with introductory issues (especially regarding questions of authorship, sources, and historical reliability), topics related to the worship and liturgy of the Johannine community, and employ literary and redactional methods to explore specific passages or themes in John.


"The essays represent not only the diverse interests and perspectives of Johannine exegesis, but, indirectly, the diversity of theological perspective within the Southern Baptist community. For example, the essays on christology (Ellis) and history (Blomberg) in John are marked by their conservatism as well as their erudition. . . They afford a good, if not systematic, survey or introduction to the kinds of interests and problems that concern Johannine scholars today, as well as the ways in which they are being pursued." -- Religious Studies Review

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