Perils of the Affect and Other Poems

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“The poems of Lucas Carpenter are like the poems of no one else I know. There are many good things to say about them – that they speak with a fine intelligence and with the clarity of an honest voice, that Carpenter knows what a line is and has a marvellous feel for resolution. All this is rare enough, but what sets these poems apart is something even rarer: Lucas Carpenter makes poems remarkably unadorned by image or metaphor, giving his voice a quality I want to describe as spartan. Reading them with contemporary expectations is a disorienting experience and one I strongly recommend.” – Miller Williams

“Lucas Carpenter’s poems have impressed me – tho’ not me only – with their sharpness, learning, wit, and compassion, as well as with the rare eloquence capable of seeing and saying the likes of ‘a gate/of wrought-iron seraphs caressing intricate lyres’ or ‘Blue-skinned violets, lolling by the starboard fence.’ And – the book’s best bonus – sustained interest, most engaging in ‘Krishna and the Gopi Girls.’ If you have time to read only one poem from Perils of the Affect, make it that one – but what a shame it would be to have one’s time impoverished so. The whole book deserves, and will liberally reimburse, your attention.” – William Harmon

“Perils of the Affect is contemporary poetry at its best.” – Peter Katopes

About the poet: Lucas Carpenter was born in Elberton, Georgia. He received his PhD from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He is author of one book of literary criticism, John Gould Fetcher and Southern Modernism (1880), and a chapbook of poetry, A Year for the Spider (1973). His poems, stories, articles and reviews have appeared in more than 25 periodicals. He is Charles Howard Candler Professor of English at Emory University.

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