Palaces and Large Residences of the Hellenistic Age

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This study goes beyond the results of earlier scholarship by presenting synthetic examination of the architectural material, clarifying the nature of palaces and large residences in the Hellenistic world, identifying architectural forms most commonly found and examining their sources. With illustrations.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
List of Illustrations, List of Abbreviations, Preface, Acknowledgement, Introduction
1. Description of Known Hellenistic Palaces and Architecturally-Related large Residences: Hellenistic Palace at Larisa on the Hermos; Palaces of Pergamon; Palace at Palatitsa; Anaktoron of Demetrias; Building in Block I at Pella; Palace at Pella; Villa on Samos; Palaces of Ptolemaic Alexandria
2. Possible Origins of the Peristylar Plan in Hellenistic Palaces and Residences of the Eastern Mediterranean: Classical House; Hellenistic House; Katagogeion; Banquet House; Palace at Vouni
3. The Megaron Plan in Greek Houses
4. Distinctive Architectural forms in Hellenistic Palaces and Large Residences: Entrances; Court; Pastas; Andron; Cult Rooms in Hellenistic Palaces
5. Conclusion
Illustrations, Bibliography, Index

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