Overload and Collapse in the K-12 System: Essays by Educators on Edge

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This book presents a systems-thinking approach to challenges facing schools in Western Canada, such as the effects of serious illnesses on teachers, how principals cope with increasing demands and decreasing resources, how teachers perceive their ability to promote resilience, and the impact of being a minority on an individual’s self-esteem.


“Fein and Mahoney have produced an exciting and well-balanced work that deals with today’s harsher realities of teaching and managing schools countered by the resilience, persistence, creativity and optimistic caring of teachers and principals. . . . This fine / Fein book is going to be invaluable to me as a former school administrator and now university teacher because it transcends both the theoretical and the empirical.” - Dr. Cledwyn Hadyn-Jones, Instructor, University of Calgary

Table of Contents

Preface: Richard Swenson, M.D.
Introduction: A Systems Perspective of K-12 Schools – Albert H. Fein and Dan Mahoney
Students Teachers’ Understanding of Professionalism - Sally Service and Dan Mahoney
How Principals Cope – Dawn Voysey and Albert H. Fein
How Teachers Affect the Resilience of Children at Risk – Shirley McGale and Dan Mahoney
Indo-Canadian Teens and Self-esteem – Kalbir Heer and Dan Mahoney
The Subculture: Issues That Affect Teachers on Call – Carol-Ann Leidloff and Dan Mahoney
The Effects of Serious Illness Upon Teachers – Barbara Dryhurst and Albert H. Fein
The Effects of Multiple School Crises – Chris McKie and Albert H. Fein
Surplussed, Laid Off, Not Wanted – Denese Anderson and Albert H. Fein
Healing Begins with Throwing Something Away – Sally Struthers and Albert H. Fein
At-risk Students and Professional Decisions – Barry Allen Clarke and Dan Mahoney
Afterword: Carl C. Green