Out of Print: Revelation of Purgatory by an Unknown Fifteenth-Century Woman Visionary

A critical edition and translation of a Dante-esque Middle English account of some visions of Purgatory that took place at the Benedictine Convent of Nunnaminster in Winchester, England, on August 10-12, 1422.


". . . will be useful to medieval scholars. . . . The translation is included for the benefit of those interested in women's studies and religious history." - Speculum - A Journal of Mediaeval Studies

"The main concern here has been to offer a trustworthy edition, from the three extant manuscripts, of a neglected Middle English work. This Harley has done well . . . ." - Studies in the Age of Chaucer

". . . thanks are due to Harley for choosing to edit this work and thereby add to the ever-increasing body of valuable but previously neglected works by women writers." - Fifteenth-Century Studies

". . . a welcome contribution to both the study of medieval women's literature and the investigation of modern popular religion." - ADRIS ". . . a readable contribution to women's studies for the lay person not necessarily expert in either Middle Engl

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