Origins and Rise of the British Distillery

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This highly original monograph substantiates the industry's rise and contributions in an age when distilled beverages had much good to contribute to mankind and added to the power of the West to explore, to trade, and to conquer where others sickened and failed. Contains rich anecdotal material and contemporary observations that illuminate the subject from Tudor times to the mid-18th century. With illustrations.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:

List of Illustration and Tables

Foreword, Preface

1.Beginnings of Distilling in Western Antiquity

2.The Medieval Spread of Distilling

3.Renaissance Developments and Promulgation

4.The Stuart Era: Distilling Emerges as a Profession

5.The Early Market for British Spirits

6.Foreign Competition and the Rise of Taxation

7.English Distilling in Transition

8.Triumph of the English Distillers

9.The Growing Market for British Spirits

10.Apex of the British distillery

11.The New Temperance Onslaught

12.Regulation and Decline of the British Distillery, Conclusion and Afterthoughts

Endnotes, Bibliography, Index

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