Oracles Against Babylon in Jeremiah 50-51

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Historically, the study of 50-51 has focused on two questions: was this the authentic word of Jeremiah? & what was the structure? Given the advances in the understanding of Hebrew poetry, the growth of the biblical text, the language of prophetic speech, and the history of the exile, these chapters are ripe for renewed study. Investigates Jeremiah 50-51 in four parts: poetry and structure; text and tradition; forms and images; and related anti-Babylonian traditions.


"The new monograph by David Reimer is very welcome indeed. It is cautious in judgment, deliberate and disciplined in execution, thorough in scope. Particularly distinctive in Reimer's contribution is that portion of the work devoted to analysis of metaphor, image, and symbol. . . . Anyone working on the oracles against the nations in Jeremiah will want to have Reimer's book in their library." - Hebrew Studies

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