Obligation and Extent of Humanity to Brutes, Principally Considered with Reference to the Domesticated Animals (1839)

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“This book… with extensive editing and explanatory notes by Rod Preece… should be greatly valued by modern animal welfare scientists, since Youatt, time and again, identifies the factors, ‘the pleasures and pains’ that contribute to animal welfare…. almost exactly the same as those being investigated by modern-day animal welfare scientists. But Youatt’s Obligation will be of interest to a far wider audience than animal welfare scientists. His first two chapters… will intrigue animal ethicists with the blending of divine command and Youatt’s particular brand of utilitarianism. The large chapter on the application of the principle of humanity to the treatment of various classes of domestic animals will fascinate social historians; many of the issues are exactly those being debated today…. The whole volume should be obligatory reading for all veterinary students…. Preece is to be commended for allowing us access to it; his careful editing, helpful glosses, and really informative and extensive notes, add enormously to the enjoyment and understanding of the original text.” – Ian J. H. Duncan, University of Guelph

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Foreword, Introduction; Preface
The Obligation of Humanity to Animals, as Founded on the Scriptures
On the Duty of Humanity to Animals
The Usefulness and Good Qualities of the Inferior Animals
The Application of the Principle of Humanity to the Treatment of Animals Generally
On the Dissection of Living Animals
The Study of Natural History
The Future State of Brutes

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