ON TRUE AND FALSE IDEAS: New Objections to Descartes' Meditations and Descartes' Replies



". .. excellent translation of Des vraies et des fausses idées. ... Arnauld's demolition of Malebranche's version of idealism may also be a welcome contribution to the renewed debate about idealism in recent times. . . . In the form Kremer has given it, it would make an excellent text for a course in 17th century philosophy. . . . The translation is very workmanlike. . . . gives the reader with only minimal French (or Latin in the case of the second piece) the ability to recognize Arnauld's technical terms." - Rezensionene

"As a translation this work is quite sound. . . . certainly a valuable addition to our resources on Arnauld (and on Cartesianism generally), and the Introduction provides a helpful summary of the controversy." - Canadian Philosophical Reviews

". . . begins with a helpful and informative biographical sketch, followed by some historical background on the Arnauld-Malebranche debate, as well as a general outline of Arnauld's views . . . . His notes provide a particularly good reference source for documents related to the debate." - Journal of the History of Philosophy

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