Numerical Term Logic

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This is an edited volume of the unpublished work of numerical logic pioneer, Lorne Szabolcsi, who died suddenly at age 28.


“By providing simple rules simple rules for directly handling inferences with numerical quantifiers, Szabolcsi’s work greatly increases the inference power of first order logic.” – Prof. Fred Sommers, Brandeis University

“. . . a valuable source not only for philosophers, but also for linguists and psychologists who work on the interpretation and understanding of quantifiers.” – Dr. Niki Pfeifer, University of Salzburg

“I have no doubt that [this work] will provoke new and interesting lines of research among formal logicians in the years to come.” – Prof. Harvey White, Bishop’s University

Table of Contents

Foreword by Fred Sommers
1. Introduction
2. Numerical Term Logic
3. Other Systems of Intermediate Quantification
4. Conclusion
5. Notes
6. Bibliography
7. Index

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