Nineteenth-Century Wars Between the Manasir People of Northern Sudan and the British Colonialist Invaders

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An engaging historical examination of the Manasir people of the Sudan and their battles with the British in the late nineteenth century. This study surveys the historical evidence, both written and oral.


“The scholarly scope and reserved tone of Professor Salih’s book are testament to both his own broad interest in Manasir history … that nicely blends a broad understanding of historical record with a concise presentation” – Prof. Mark Grimes, Howard Community College

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Transliteration of the Arabic Alphabet

Introduction: The Manasir and Hamdab Dam: Slaughtered Hopes and Deterred Dream

Chapter 1: The Kingdom of Doulga

Chapter 2: Quelling the Impotent Fury with the Death of Sheik Nia'man Wad Gamr

Chapter 3: A "Curse" and a "Murder": The Heads of the Black Pashas and the Death of Colonel Stewart in 1884

Chapter 4: The Last Shot of a Broken Rifle

Chapter 5: Falling Through the Cracks of History: The Death of Nawai: Honor Killing or Guilt

Chapter 6: "But We are Not Ostriches, We are Manasir!": Re-Grouping, Forging, and Assimilation in Identity Building

Chapter 7: Rural Islamic Banks, Small Farmers, Bureaucrats, and Brokers


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