Nine University Presidents Who Saved Their Institutions

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This book offers portraits of nine institutions of higher education that were salvaged from seeming failure by the administrative tactics of their respective presidents or chancellors. The authors have analyzed the circumstances which presented themselves to each president and the organizational changes each engineered. In so doing, commonalities and differences among the strategies employed are revealed.


This is a remarkable piece of work! It presents a series of nine case studies of higher education institutions that were salvaged from what appeared to be failures—sudden but more typically gradual. In each case, the salvaging president or chancellor (the “hero/heroine”) was the critical factor who identified and traveled the road to success." - E.K. Fretwell, Chancellor Emeritus, University of North Carolina - Charlotte

“The view of the college president as steward of institutional heritage and values is one worthy of accent and visibility, and this book elevates that perspective of presidential role admirably.” - Dr. E. Grady Bogue, Professor, University of Tennessee, Higher Education Administration, Chancellor Emeritus, Louisiana State University-Shreveport

“Kormondy and Keith have produced an exceptionally valuable handbook for all those who now or in the future wish to consider becoming a college or university president.” - Dr. Allan W. Ostar, President-Emeritus, American Association of State Colleges and Universities, Senior Adviser, Academic Search Consultation Service

Table of Contents

1 Do Presidents Make a Difference?
2 The Stories of Nine Presidents
3 Analyses of the Nine Presidential Stories
4 Overview and Analysis of the Survey Results
5 Lessons Learned
Summary Reframing Actions Taken by the Nine Presidents
Appendix A – The Survey Instrument and Responses
Appendix B – About the Authors
References Cited

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